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Why. Do. We. Do. This?!

Writers, have you ever been working on a story and stopped to check something, anything else? You should be writing, but you’re not. I’m doing it right now! Manuscript open, pen in hand, mid-edit, when I decide I need to write this post, check social media, oh look dishes need to be washed.

Why. Do. We. Do. This?

Why does the procrastination switch flip so flipping often? (say that ten times fast)

I tried to answer this question on my own. My response is fear, it must be the fear of finishing or fear of finding out that I can’t finish.

The story needs to be worked on, yet there we are, checking this or that.

Now the question is, how do we stop?

I know many put their cell phones away, or turn off their internet. Sometimes that is not enough, because look dishes! Look the floor needs to be cleaned. Oh, laundry!

Does it come down to doubt within our work and our selves? That once we remind ourselves we can do it and not be afraid we can power through the distractions and finish the manuscript?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on WHY. DO. WE. DO. THIS?!

Spotlight on Writing

Cover Reveal for Grounded in January!

The day is finally here! Please join me over on The Biblio Blonde blog for the cover reveal of my first sweet romance novel, coming in January (of course!) of 2019.

Normally, I break for the holidays with the blog, but this year will be different. I will take a short break, but I will be back before January 1st. Of course, as always, I will have a new look for the New Year, but this year it will be before the New Year! So stay tuned!

I wish all my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving, and just in case, a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Kwanzaa.

Spotlight on Writing


Image result for free clip art writingI have been going through edits with the editor and the only thing on my mind is:


Let’s back up.

I can’t be a horrible writer if my manuscript was picked up by a publisher….


Maybe that’s it. I’m great at writing, but my grammar skills are horrible. This is not news to me or my school teachers. I know this fact, my grades reported it, and the teachers did their fair share of reminding me, YOU SUCK!

Maybe, I should keep this secret to myself?

Too late.

I NEED TO REMEMBER ALL THESE EDITOR’S NOTES! That’s my next step. I read and re-read each edit note in hopes of remembering the lesson for next time.


I make the SAME mistakes – A LOT!

Deep down in the pit of my stomach, I’m hoping I’m not as bad as I think. Yet, if I am, my hope is to learn from this and make sure that I DON’T make at least half of these mistakes with the next manuscript.



Spotlight on Writing

National Author’s Day

Writing Tools Clipart Black And White | Clipart library - Free Hello November 1st. It’s a great day because today is National Author’s Day.

If you are a writer/author I hope you are enjoying your day and filling it with all things writerly.

If you are a reader, I hope you are supporting your favorite authors and also finding new favorite authors.

If you are an aspiring writer, make today your first step. Write something, research something, or submit something.

Wishing all the writers and readers the very best today.

Spotlight on Writing

Nature Versus Writing

20180929_123016Last weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to California and attend the Wrightwood Literary Festival. Never having been to the Wrightwood area was an adventure on it’s own. It’s a picturesque small town, population 425, nestled up in the mountains just north of San Bernardino. The area was not only beautiful, but rich with small town charm and nice residents.

After the festival I parked and wandered around. I ventured inside two antique shops, a local grocery store, a pizza place, and the town’s tiny pet shop (They had animals for adoption and I nearly left with a senior Beagle/Hound mix.)

The Wrightwood Literary Festival, while about writing, was much more than that. It was about nature. And if you have ever been up there you will know that it’s hard to avoid surrounding yourself in anything other than the thoughts of how we are connected to nature. 20180929_122431

This event was different from any other writing event I have been too, and cheaper too! Usually, these things are full of big names, from agents to editors to publishers. Where the entire conference you are more worried about pitching and meet-and-greets, that everything becomes stressful and overwhelming. This was all about taking a breathe, and relaxing and grounding yourself. To center yourself and open your senses.

So, while I didn’t gather notes about writing and how to pitch and how to submit, I came away with something even better. Remembering to breathe, remembering why I write in the first place. Remembering that if I shut out the distractions and look to nature I can create amazing stories.

Spotlight on Writing

Before the Contracts


I’ve had a wonderful last few months in the writing world, yet, I want to showcase the behind the scenes struggles. Why? Because so often authors see the good news of others and develop a pain in their heart that it was not them getting to share good news. For this reason, I think it’s important to breakdown what happens before the contract.

In the last two months I have announced signing a contract for my picture book Winston Versus the Snow and my sweet romance novel Grounded in January, both coming out in 2019 from Brother Mockingbird Publishing. AND….my signed acquisitions letter for my Inuit picture book Nanook and the Pizza (coming 2020 from Audrey Press).

Here are the numbers….


  • 25 rejections, not bad considering my first picture book Nonnie and I was rejected over 50 times.
  • 3 “love, but can’t publish it”
  • 5 Twitter pitch contests, 1 “like”

The story was originally titled Winston Hates the Snow, but at a writer’s conference I decided after a panel speaker’s advice to change the word hate. It also went under a major revision prior to the final submission.

First submission April of 2017 – making this a relatively “quick” acceptance. (Nonnie and I took 7 years to sell)


  • 28 rejections
  • 1 “love, but not right for us”
  • 4 Twitter pitch contests, 0 “like”
  • 1 revision request – which turned into the acquisitions letter afterwords.

Submissions started in February of 2017, with one major rewrite prior to the revision request.


  • 2 rejections – 1 with, please submit your next manuscript when available
  • 2 Twitter pitch contests, 5 “likes” (I only submitted to 1 of them in the end)

First submitted July 2018.

Yep, that story ends there for this one.

This shows you the more you write and read, the better your writing becomes. The more you focus on craft, the better your writing gets.