Appreciation Monday

Appreciation Monday

With the release of my picture book last week I have been overwhelmed by people requesting signed copies. I feel like a superstar! But superstar aside I do feel touched. Having family and friends support my work, help promote it and want a copy, even if they don’t have kids to read it to, means a lot to me. Some don’t have as much support as I have received in this very short time. Being appreciative for the support is very important. When I think of appreciation I almost immediately think of Tiger Woods. (No I don’t follow golf). I remember a few times passing by a television and seeing fans cheering Woods on only to see him so very unappreciative towards them. Not a wave or a smile. Focus smocus! While I am sure that Woods might be appreciative for his fans I have never seen it. There are many fans that go out of their way to be appreciative, and there are some that do not. It is something that bugs me. Okay, stepping down from my soapbox.

I am appreciative for my fans, my friends and my family for their support. And THIS…will never change regardless of where I end up in the future.

Appreciation Monday, Spotlight on Writing

Appreciation Monday

20141109_183054-1I love schedules!

They make me giddy!

When the cable company says they will come between 10am-3pm and show up at 9:45 I get pissed. Sure they are early but it’s not 10am.

While many like to live without a schedule, I am not one of them. I crave structure…to a point.

I attended the SCBWI-AZ conference this weekend and the importance of a schedule was mentioned for writers. I don’t like the “from 6-7 I will write. That doesn’t work, it feels forced. I have no issues with “once you finish this” or “today you will write.”

This is odd since I set schedules for nearly everything else in life. Time accountability is huge for me. Scheduling my day, on paper or in my head is utterly important.

I realized I even have a schedule when I am not aware I have a schedule.

As you can see in my photo I checked off each item until I just got beyond tired (at the end of the day). But mind you I was keeping time that we stayed on schedule. I had no say to move on if time was up, but I sure was aware if we were over or under the time for each.

Back to writing schedules.

It is important for me to have time to write, but to make it so structured doesn’t work for me. Maybe because everything else in my life is so structured that, much like the creative process, writing can’t be scheduled.

I am appreciative for schedules!

Appreciation Monday, Spotlight on Writing

Appreciation Monday ~ Author Edition

Acceptances received are amazing.

Sure being accepted by others is nice, but what I am referring to is acceptances for stories.  The author’s life.

It’s like a warm hug from someone you love and haven’t seen in years!

It’s like the pop when you open a champagne bottle!

It’s like finding out the guy you have a crush on actually likes, likes you!

It’s like the smell of a new car!

It’s like eating that candy bar that you bought in line at the grocery store, then ate in the car before you got home, so no one knew.

It’s like running and jumping, with a scream, into the pool.

I am appreciative of acceptances for my stories.




Appreciation Monday

Appreciation Monday

20141012_124756​I am appreciative to have the ability to cut my own hair. This is a skill developed over time and from necessity. For many many years I didn’t have the $30 for a hair cut. I paid attention to the hair stylist instead of the glossy magazines as they trimmed away. Maybe once a year I would actually go to the salon but I haven’t gone in about 1.5 years. My style is not complex or perfect but it works for me.
***Growing up I hated hair cuts. They never turned out how I wanted them. This probably never helped my cause to go to the salon.

One day I will need the help, but for now I am happy that I can complete the task myself.

5 Minute Fiction

Appreciation Monday


It amazes me that there is always something new that companies are adding chocolate to.

One can basically eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Cereals now come with actual chocolate chucks, Special K, and the other endless chocolate flavored options that have been around for years.

Chocolate muffins, chocolate chip muffins, and chocolate chip bagels can easily be eaten for lunch.

Rib eye steaks with chocolate sauce, chocolate chip chili, chocolate dinner salad, pasta with dark chocolate marinara sauce.

Hungry aren’t you….

You don’t even need to eat dessert to get your chocolate fix.

While I am rather picky about my chocolate and don’t always like it in large doses, it sure is yummy.

I am appreciative for chocolate and its many uses.

Appreciation Monday

Appreciation Monday x2

Last week I missed appreciation Monday due to illness. So…

I was appreciative for

Soft Kleenex, Ricola, and yes….my baby blanket.

This Monday I am appreciative for using YES and NO and MAYBE when needed.

Let me explain.

I love to push myself to do as much as a I can. But recently, most recently with my flu I said NO to a lot of things instead YES. I am learning to use MAYBE when I actually mean it instead of in place of YES. And no I don’t mean when a girl says yes and really means no and vise versa. I mean inner voice conversations with myself and things that directly affect me and my health. Putting myself first. I have a long way to go, but learning and working on it is a huge step forward.

Appreciation Monday

Appreciation Monday

I am appreciative for photos.

While memories are always nice, often times photos can capture more than just a memory. They can capture a landscape, a moment, and most importantly something you may not otherwise see.

You have heard the saying “I love how she/he looks at him/her.”

That is something that a photo can capture.

Much like the photo below, which captured how I felt (2003) after seeing a snake on a hiking trail!