Spotlight on Writing


Image result for free clip art writingI have been going through edits with the editor and the only thing on my mind is:


Let’s back up.

I can’t be a horrible writer if my manuscript was picked up by a publisher….


Maybe that’s it. I’m great at writing, but my grammar skills are horrible. This is not news to me or my school teachers. I know this fact, my grades reported it, and the teachers did their fair share of reminding me, YOU SUCK!

Maybe, I should keep this secret to myself?

Too late.

I NEED TO REMEMBER ALL THESE EDITOR’S NOTES! That’s my next step. I read and re-read each edit note in hopes of remembering the lesson for next time.


I make the SAME mistakes – A LOT!

Deep down in the pit of my stomach, I’m hoping I’m not as bad as I think. Yet, if I am, my hope is to learn from this and make sure that I DON’T make at least half of these mistakes with the next manuscript.



Spotlight on Writing

Handling BAD Book Reviews 

We all love it when someone takes the time to write a nice book review. But when someone takes the time to leave a less than steller review…our feelings are not so grateful. I have come across the honest truth that there is not a lot of information on how to handle crappy book reviews. 

We know you can just ignore them and never look, but that’s kind of impossible, especially if you’re a newbie author or you don’t have a lot of books out. A huge author can most likely ignore them. I highly doubt that John Grisham looks at his reviews unless he’s maybe getting all one stars on a new release and his publisher calls them to say “Hey you know this is not looking good.” 

So I kind of wanted to talk about how to handle book reviews from my point of view. First off, there are days when I go to my 9 to 5 job, and I’m in not a great mood because I just received a bad book review. Often I stumble upon it in the morning before I leave for work. Most people don’t understand you’re having a bad day because you received a crappy book review. Most authors that I know do not work 9-5 jobs, so stumbled upon them at work is rare. 

Second, Goodreads will actually alert you if you try to comment on one of your reviews. The system can detect the number of stars and reminds you that is not a good idea to comment. Yes, it’s such a common thing that they have created an alert for it! 

So far, you have the option of ignoring, both impossible for me. You? 

What should you do? This is what I’ve done. I will look up reviews from my favorite books and view the lowest star reviews. This reminds me that everyone can have an opinion, and it happens to your most beloved books. 

Another option is to visit some celebrities Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and read comments. Not all of them are nice. I’ve read some pretty horrible comments on Faith Hill’s social media posts, and I don’t see her replying. 

Yet another option is to comment on those who left a NICE review. On Goodreads and Amazon you can LIKE a review. I’ll go as far as to comment, thanking them in more detail.  

Remember, most of all, someone took the time to comment, good or bad, your book caused them to take time out. Focus on those good reviews, read them over and over. Print them out and post them up, anything to keep your mind from wandering back to that one bad review. 

If all else fails there are always French fries and wine!! 

Spotlight on Writing

Facts About the Writer in Me

  1. I read the author bio on the jacket flap at least 3 times in the course of the book. (Before I buy it, mid-way through, and once I finish).
  2. I watch movies and think about how it would have played out as words on a page.
  3. New story ideas come to me when I’m writing a current story, thus throwing my current story off track.
  4. I critique other author’s head-shots/profile pictures. (That one is uber cool/that one looks horrible).
  5. I’ll go weeks without checking Amazon stats, then suddenly start checking every hour.
  6. I ponder which celebrities actually wrote their books and who had ghost writers, then get upset that celebrities get book deals like it’s a Wendy’s drive-thru, yet I love to read their books more than most other books…then I feel guilty about this.
  7. I lose hope in my writing and gain hope like a game of Chutes and Ladders.
  8. Either I accidentally starve myself or I accidentally over-eat when I write.
  9. I’m severely jealous of those who get to write full-time, then wonder about their possible lack of health insurance.
  10. I dream of my stories as movies or TV, then remember when I tried screenplay writing for a year, and it was horribly terribly awful.
Appreciation Monday, Spotlight on Writing

Appreciation Monday ~ Author Edition

Acceptances received are amazing.

Sure being accepted by others is nice, but what I am referring to is acceptances for stories.¬† The author’s life.

It’s like a warm hug from someone you love and haven’t seen in years!

It’s like the pop when you open a champagne bottle!

It’s like finding out the guy you have a crush on actually likes, likes you!

It’s like the smell of a new car!

It’s like eating that candy bar that you bought in line at the grocery store, then ate in the car before you got home, so no one knew.

It’s like running and jumping, with a scream, into the pool.

I am appreciative of acceptances for my stories.