5 Minute Fiction


It should have been you,

Not her.

Your visits a thunderstorm.

Dust of hatred follows.

A failed soul amongst the others.

There is zero hope for you.

I’ll save myself,

I’ve done so before.

For I see the beauty,

You are blind to.

Life, better known as blah, blah, blah

Dear Netflix 

Dear Netflix,

Did the writer’s for Bloodline go on strike after season 2? I’m confused as to what exactly you filmed ten episodes of, for viewers.

Were you holding the actors against their will to believe their scenes would come together during editing?

Bloodline season 3 started off good, only because it was leftovers from season 2.

Somehow, Kevin continued to be more stupid than, well, anyone! 

John’s role felt like what I imagine a bad night of drinking is to Bill Murray’s Groundhogs Day. (Was episode 9 mixed with the final of Lost?)

Of course, I finally realized young Danny was played by the same actor who played Danny’s son. Then I thought , was that a clue for episode 9 (see paragraph above)?

Please deposit ten hours back into my life bank.

Are you confused by my rambling blog post? So am I. What the heck Bloodline writers? WHAT DID YOU DO?! You’re not bad people, but you wrote a bad final season.

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Life, better known as blah, blah, blah, Spotlight on Writing

BLOODLINE – Why You Should Watch

bloodline(This post contains NO spoilers)

Netflix released Bloodline,  March 20th, for the ever growing binge watching crowd. The story plays out over thirteen episodes. What I should say is it p l a y s o u t. That’s right, it drags at the start several more episodes than are needed, it could have started at episode 3 or 4 and viewers would be fine. Yet, even with this, one is drawn to keep watching. It is not the because of its average writing, and most certainly not the jumbled storyline that bounces between flashbacks, flash forwards and current time. It is actor Ben Mendelsohn’s character Danny. Danny is the main reason for the entire storyline. Mendelsohn’s ability to act out a multilayer character is the main reason to watch. Mendelsohn’s ability to draw the audience in, push us away and yet make us want to sneak around behind trees to see what he is hiding. (The acting of Norbert Leo Butz’s character Kevin is noteworthy too).

Writers: be aware of the issues caused by a drawn out plot and the positives of character development through multilayers.

Viewers: enjoy a story about family that is superbly underlined with emotion and pain.