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20190409_153528The day has finally arrived and now YOU can enjoy my first sweet romance novel. I’ve loved this story from the first idea (a fearful flyer), and my drive to include multiple sclerosis in a story (for my mom who suffered from the disease). From there the idea grew in Grounded in January. And, an important note, for many of you who remember Bayou, I hope you find this book extra special. While this story is a work of fiction, Bayou’s mannerisms are brought back to life (and his name) throughout the book. I do hope YOU find this story to be funny and inspiring.fb_img_1496244030665

Advance praise for Grounded in January.

Grounded in January is a heartwarming, down-to-earth tale that will convince you that two people, no matter how imperfect, can still find a perfect love. – Cassidy Carter, author of Love on Location and The Perfect Catch from Hallmark Publishing.

Grounded in January is a story of resilience and rebirth that will warm your heart. Kate and Ox reminds us that having faith in love can be the greatest leap we can make. – Maggie Wells, author of Love Game from Sourcebooks Casablanca.

A heartwarming tale of two people dealing with real-life issues that lead you on an emotional journey filled with angst and laughter. This story is a fantastic reminder that love can make all the difference in someone’s life, especially when other factors are full of uncertainty and out of one’s control. Inspirational! – Elsie Davis, author of Back in the Rancher’s Arms from Entangled Publishing.

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Spotlight on Writing

Cover Reveal for Grounded in January!

The day is finally here! Please join me over on The Biblio Blonde blog for the cover reveal of my first sweet romance novel, coming in spring of 2019.

Normally, I break for the holidays with the blog, but this year will be different. I will take a short break, but I will be back before January 1st. Of course, as always, I will have a new look for the New Year, but this year it will be before the New Year! So stay tuned!

I wish all my readers a wonderful Thanksgiving, and just in case, a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Kwanzaa.

Book Reviews, Spotlight on Writing

Interview with Author Carol Graham Pereira ~ HELDER’S STORY

Looking for a heartwarming and heartbreaking story to round off your summer reading list? Helder’s Story is one with dignity and possible controversy. But as the reader, you can decide. Please enjoy my interview below with the author.

Your book, Helder’s Story was released by Brother Mockingbird in July, what was it like working with a small publishing house?

It was a wonderful experience.  It was a dream come true to have the book published by someone who was touched by the story, and sensed a connection with our family life.  Working with a small publishing house made that possible.  I think it also makes a difference that the publisher herself was naturally caring and personable, as well as knowledgeable and bright.  I felt she had me in her best interest, and that was important to me.

As a medical social worker I come in contact with many clients who don’t wish to keep going because of their disease(s). Yet, it’s a hot topic, and everyone tip-toes around it. Were you concerned that sharing Helder’s Story might bring some backlash from those who disagree with the choice?

Absolutely. There was a moment I had to pause and recognize what I’m getting myself into.  Eventually I concluded, the choice is not one I might make personally for myself.  However, it is one that should be made available to everyone, whether you choose to exercise it or not.  I guess you can call me pro-choice.  That awareness enabled me to move forward, in spite of my concerns.

Why should a reader, who disagrees with aid-in-dying medication, read Helder’s Story?

Great question! One of the goals of writing the book was to lay the foundation so people can understand why someone would make that decision.  There are so many variables involved which makes it a very individualized and personal decision. However, that wasn’t the only goal.  The book has a strong message of encouragement, hope and perseverance.  Finding spirituality in your life is another ongoing theme in the book.   There is really so much more to Helder’s Story then the end result. 

What were your children’s’ reactions to Helder’s Story being published?

They are still getting use to the idea that Mom wrote a book!  They all agree it feels so right and so good to honor Dad’s life in this way. It’s very much in line with his philosophy – to share our experience, strength and hope in that it may help someone else.

The artwork for the cover is subtle and serene, what was the determining factor to make THAT the cover?  

Helder loved nature. He had a spiritual connection with the outdoors that was both invigorating and healing.  Having that conveyed through the artwork fits the story and him well.

What most do you expect readers to take away from this story?

I expect readers will relate to the hurts and triumphs in their own lives.  The book touches on so many different issues – there’s something for everyone!  In the end, I expect readers will feel inspired.  That inspiration will take form in many different ways. 

Do you have a background in writing? Are other books in the works?

A part from poetry writing in my teen years, I do not.  I have been journaling for many years, and writing my thoughts and feelings are a daily part of my own growth and spirituality.  While I was writing, I was vigilant about keeping the focus on Helder.  Many times it occurred to me, my own background and heritage, seeped in shame and racial biases, has a story that should be told. Helder’s Wife perhaps?

Looks like we might have another story in the works for sure! Thanks for reading!

You can locate your copy of Helder’s Story directly from the author. If you live in the Pasadena, CA area you can get it at Vroman’s Bookstore.

It is also available on Amazon.

And bonus for southern California residents, she has an upcoming author appearance!!!

  • Flintridge Bookstore