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Top 5 Things Your Dog Hates (with pictures)

Dogs are like people, they have likes and dislikes. I thought it would be important to emphasize the five things dogs hate the most. This way new dog owners have a leg up with their next family pet. I’ve included photos so there is no confusion.

1. Dogs hate comfortable beds.

2. Dogs hate being close to people and especially don’t like napping on them.

3. Dogs hate peanut butter, so never let them lick the lid.

4. Dog hate fruits and vegetables, and run the other way when you have a carrot.

5. Dogs hate exercise, mostly walks and fetch, anything adventurous. So make sure never to take them anywhere they can do these things.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you learned something new about what dogs hate.

The Life of Dogs

Hop on Big Brother

Image result for hop on popAwesome here, wanted to let you know that Menace is still bothering me something awful. He enjoys his daily hop on top (much like HOP ON POP) of me, like I’m a bull. I try and buck him off, but the little man is strong. His paws wrap around my neck and he just hangs on for dear life. I do manage to get him to fall off, but he hops back up too quickly that I can’t run away. I think Mom should have him try out for the rodeo. It would give him something to do outside of the home and I think he has real talent for this. Of course, Mom would probably chew her nails off and scream “MY BABY, MY BABY BOY!” the whole time, so okay, scratch the rodeo. Maybe Mom will just buy him a cowboy hat and chaps and he can chew those up for an activity.

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Blame Mom

Awesome here, hello. The other morning Mom did something horribly awful. She threw Menace’s most favorite toy in the whole wide world over the fence. (Think of the other side of the fence as no-man’s land, much like The Sandlot movie). The fence was behind her, not in front of her. I’m not sure how this happened. I watched it, so I know how it happened, but not how it happened. Get me? Mom kept saying “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” She claims it was an “accident” however if you look at the situation with the fence behind her you will see why after further discussion Menace and I agreed that the word “accident” means “on purpose.” Of course I could care less about Menace’s favorite ball, but since he is going bonkers with it missing…Mom was basically outside of Petco doing the OPEN OPEN OPEN like it was Mervyn’s.


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Taking Away…

This is me when I am at peace - Awesome
This is me when I am at peace – Awesome

Awesome here to update you on my brother, aka Menace. Good news! His teeth fell out so he can only gum me, for now. Of course I overheard Mom talking on the phone about an appointment. I had this same appointment when I was Menace’s age. Mom had said the veterinarian was going to take the balls I never play with away. I’m not sure why Mom couldn’t have just thrown them in the trash like she did my other damaged toys. For some reason Mom has to take you to the vet’s office for the whole day, and they force you to take a nap. I remember I was really sleepy after they took mine away, so something is very different, because when Mom throws our toys away I am never tired like I was that day. Anyways, my brother is getting his balls that he never plays with taken away next week. So he is going to be gone for the day, and I am really excited about that! I will be able to have alone time with peace!


The Life of Dogs

That Menace is at it Again!

 11wk part 3 038Awesome here, again.

Can I say having a baby brother is exhausting. Now I know why I see Mom drinking that red liquid in a glass at night. Mom calls it “finally.”She doesn’t get a moment of peace, and I don’t either, but she doesn’t offer any “finally” to me.

Do you want to know the worst park about Menace? Any time he is behaving well Mom has the camera out! She clearly has to document Menace’s good behavior. If she documented my good behavior she would have to open a photo kiosk to keep up with the demand.

I have to give the little punk some credit though. He uses that throw your body on the ground and roll on your back and wiggle to his advantage. I do find myself laughing a little in secret when I see Mom trying to pick him up.

I should probably also mention that Menace’s behavior has gotten a smidge better after he injured Mom. She was bleeding, it looked bad! I think she got him back the next night because Menace had diarrhea all night long. Yet, she had to get up with him every time and got zero sleep so it might have been what human’s call coincidence.


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Call Him Menace

 2-18-2016 017It has been a while since I allowed Awesome to take over the blog, I figured we could all use a laugh. For those who are new, please find the late Dog’s and Awesome’s prior blog posts. Puppy Interviews Dog 

Dog Interviews Puppy

Hey, Awesome here. I was really excited to get a baby brother, but I think I got a broken one. He is what I would call a menace, because of this, he will not be referred to as Puppy (once my title), but Menace. You will see why.

The other day Menace decided to escape his play pen when Mom was gone, he came to bother the heck out of me before knocking over the lamp and spending a long time with the Roku remote. Mom said he was one click away from ordering a Hulu subscription for the month.

Menace’s favorite things are, in specific order.

1. My cheeks

2. My head

3. My tail

4. Remotes

5. All balls that are too big for him

5. My paws

Menace’s favorite past time is climbing. He can almost turn on the stove, this sends Mom screaming his direction. Menace does not like his crate, AT ALL. Mom said give him time, but it has been over 3 weeks. Last night I saw Mom take Menace out to potty and when they came back Menace reached the bedroom door, threw himself on the floor, rolled on his back. Mom struggled to pick him up like this,but  finally got him in his crate again.

So, since Menace can no longer be safe in the play pen he has to be in his crate. This is a huge problem for me because he cries out and bangs on the metal door like a prisoner holding out a cup for water in the desert.

In case anyone forgot, my favorite things are peace/quiet, naps and treats. Menace only likes one of my three favorite things.


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How to Tell When Your Dog Runs Your Life

On the counter next to your salt and pepper shaker… is the peanut butter jar.

You make decisions on going out or having people over based on your dog’s schedule.

You only do yard work to please the dog.

The dog is fed meals before you even start cooking your own.

From my dogs to all my visitors MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
From my dogs to all my visitors MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

***This is the last blog post until the new year. I hope y’all will visit me again in 2014!! I thank each of you for your comments, likes, and shares in 2013 and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve. See you in 2014:)