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R.I.P Charley Girl


Char May 15The house has not been the same since you left. The skies have been cloudy since your peaceful end, they must know the gray  in my heart. A part of me thinks that you are hiding in a different room and I will see you in a second. Another part of me thinks that you, like a grown child, have left for college and I will see you as soon as you run out of clean clothes. The saddest part of me knows I will never see you again, this is the part that makes me cry.

I know you are in a better place, Yet my heart is in the worst place

I loved you with all I had, And you loved me without question, You will remain loved

Your spirit was sweet, It will remain no doubt

You will never be replaced, That is impossible

You will never be forgotten, Remaining a part of this family in spirit

Your love will remind me to open my home, Welcome a new member in

Forever you will be missed

Forever my girl

Forever Bayou’s sister

Forever at peace