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Give Your Dog More Than a Treat

It’s easy and convenient to simply hand your dog a treat. I agree.

But what your dog needs and craves to have is his/her mind worked.

Over the years I have learned new skills with each dog, usually with grand amounts of trial and error.

I’ve been playing the FIND IT game for years, but often become lazy and resort back to “here just take the treat.”

All my dogs have loved this game and it’s easy as can be. I’ve done it a few different ways, sometimes with small boxes outside, but usually inside as a simpler set up.

FIND IT is simply putting treats in locations the dog can get to, but has to use their nose to find because he can’t see them. I place my dog in a command, PLACE, hide the treats, then release him with the command he has come to understand as game on, hence FIND IT! I repeat Find It until he has found all the treats, signaling that he has found them all, or he will keep looking for hours.

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Top 5 Things Your Dog Hates (with pictures)

Dogs are like people, they have likes and dislikes. I thought it would be important to emphasize the five things dogs hate the most. This way new dog owners have a leg up with their next family pet. I’ve included photos so there is no confusion.

1. Dogs hate comfortable beds.

2. Dogs hate being close to people and especially don’t like napping on them.

3. Dogs hate peanut butter, so never let them lick the lid.

4. Dog hate fruits and vegetables, and run the other way when you have a carrot.

5. Dogs hate exercise, mostly walks and fetch, anything adventurous. So make sure never to take them anywhere they can do these things.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you learned something new about what dogs hate.

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Hop on Big Brother

Image result for hop on popAwesome here, wanted to let you know that Menace is still bothering me something awful. He enjoys his daily hop on top (much like HOP ON POP) of me, like I’m a bull. I try and buck him off, but the little man is strong. His paws wrap around my neck and he just hangs on for dear life. I do manage to get him to fall off, but he hops back up too quickly that I can’t run away. I think Mom should have him try out for the rodeo. It would give him something to do outside of the home and I think he has real talent for this. Of course, Mom would probably chew her nails off and scream “MY BABY, MY BABY BOY!” the whole time, so okay, scratch the rodeo. Maybe Mom will just buy him a cowboy hat and chaps and he can chew those up for an activity.

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Blame Mom

Awesome here, hello. The other morning Mom did something horribly awful. She threw Menace’s most favorite toy in the whole wide world over the fence. (Think of the other side of the fence as no-man’s land, much like The Sandlot movie). The fence was behind her, not in front of her. I’m not sure how this happened. I watched it, so I know how it happened, but not how it happened. Get me? Mom kept saying “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” She claims it was an “accident” however if you look at the situation with the fence behind her you will see why after further discussion Menace and I agreed that the word “accident” means “on purpose.” Of course I could care less about Menace’s favorite ball, but since he is going bonkers with it missing…Mom was basically outside of Petco doing the OPEN OPEN OPEN like it was Mervyn’s.


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dogs with food allergies

20160This is going to be rather serious and rambling post. Something that I am not sure if my readers care about, but nonetheless my hope is that someone will.  As some of my readers know I have had a struggle with giving the vet recommended food to “Awesome” because it is made of crap, smells like crap, and tastes like crap. Awesome must eat this crap food because of his bladder stones, the food breaks down the – place big fancy science word here – that prevents the bladder stones from forming. It’s made my Royal Canin. I still can’t believe these foods are vet prescribed when they are a bag of chemical crap.

Moving on…

Menace arrived home at 8 weeks with Kirkland puppy food (chicken and rice), which is holistic, a plus. However, this food was upsetting his GI, so I slowly switched him over to Limited Ingredient Natures Balance (Sweet Potato and Salmon). This did not help his GI issues, so I thus again slowly transitioned him over to Canidae (chicken and brown rice) (always been a fan of their food). For about a week this was working, then stopped working. In between Menace was having GI issues whenever I gave him something to eat that was a fun treat, i.e. banana, and thus was going on boiled chicken and rice to reset his system. Awesome and Menace then got food poisoning from some new treats I got them and back onto the chicken and rice until it cleared up.

So…the vet said I needed to try Menace on what is called a select protein based food. So I was sent home with Royal Canin (duck and potato) (yes the same brand as Awesome is on – insert pissed off face). About 24 hours after I start to integrate the new food with the old food Menace takes a liking to eating grass outside. Day 3 of food switch – Menace was now eating his paws by sticking his entire paw in his mouth and chewing, he is licking his winkie constantly, and eating so much grass he is now puking and pooping grass. Thus I stopped the new food (no doctor I will not try it for 8 weeks!) and start to slowly introduce Zignature (Turkey). Within a few days Menace had diarrhea, so I gave him Imodium to control the situation since I really had nowhere new to turn. Alas, he is going back onto his Canidae for a while to balance him back to his old okay GI self before I start again with trying to find a food that works for him, and no treats of any kind until something can be figured out.

I would love anyone’s input on this subject!!!

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Ransom 9 wks 006It has been a while since I have written about dogs. The last post was about losing my girl, Charley, in September 2015. I now have a new puppy, 10 weeks old, a handsome little chocolate English lab.

I like to say that I have a good deal of dog knowledge due to having had a dog aggressive dog (Charley). Sadly, I was never able to correct Charley to be the dog she needed to be, and I realize now that it was my fault, not hers. This is not a negative statement as it might seem, although I believed this until now.

The thing I have discovered, or re-learn, is that not only is every dog different, but it all comes down to family, more specifically me, Mama Dog. I took some time to think about Charley and her behaviors. Even with all the tools I had, I never learned. I also noticed that I was, in just 2 weeks, doing the same thing with the new puppy. When it comes to family, and dogs in that family, everything is about the person/the handler. Essentially, control yourself to control the situation. Seems simple and easy. Nope. The reason, at least for me is to react, to activate myself before and during, due to instinct. Of course, I am not talking about “harming a dog reaction.” I am talking about becoming frustrated, nervous, upset. This energy then feeds to the situation and thus everyone in the family loses control, there is no leader so we all try to be the leader.

This is a long way around saying that the only way to fix the start of puppy “bad” behavior is to look at myself, and my leadership.