The Life of Dogs

Give Your Dog More Than a Treat

It’s easy and convenient to simply hand your dog a treat. I agree.

But what your dog needs and craves to have is his/her mind worked.

Over the years I have learned new skills with each dog, usually with grand amounts of trial and error.

I’ve been playing the FIND IT game for years, but often become lazy and resort back to “here just take the treat.”

All my dogs have loved this game and it’s easy as can be. I’ve done it a few different ways, sometimes with small boxes outside, but usually inside as a simpler set up.

FIND IT is simply putting treats in locations the dog can get to, but has to use their nose to find because he can’t see them. I place my dog in a command, PLACE, hide the treats, then release him with the command he has come to understand as game on, hence FIND IT! I repeat Find It until he has found all the treats, signaling that he has found them all, or he will keep looking for hours.