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What’s With All the Christmas Movies?

I know what you’re thinking…Hallmark (not to mention Lifetime) has already started in on their Christmas movies before Halloween is even here. How can they do that? Well, they can and did and I’d like to tell you why it’s wonderful.

Hallmark and Lifetime have put out a increased number of movies throughout the year and while they are great, nothing beats a Hallmark Christmas movie. There is something to be said about the magic they create. It wraps you up in a cozy blanket and puts a smile on your face.

And the reason why they do it is also the reason why we watch, because we need these types of movies.

Christmas represents family, love, hope, friendship, joy and comfort, but not everyone is able to experience that in their day-to-day lives. Yet, thanks to Hallmark and Lifetime we can. All of us. And what is so wrong with being happy?

Nothing, nothing at all.

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The Thing About Hallmark (not the cards)

I said it a while back, Hallmark’s new movie Saturday takes me back to Sunday’s Wonderful World of Disney. Hallmark takes me away from where I am, like a memory from childhood.

Hallmark movies are fireflies to a first-timer.

Hallmark television is a best friend’s favorite story.

Hallmark movies are a cozy cup of hot chocolate on a winter’s night.

Hallmark television is a relaxing breath.

Hallmark movies are a glass of lemonade on a smoldering summer day.

Hallmark mysteries are a pondering question you can share with the dark.

Hallmark movies are a reminder of love.

Hallmark is what we need, and what we want.

Book Reviews

Hallmark Books!

Did y’all know that Hallmark (yes, Hallmark movies, cards, ornaments) launched a publishing division? Yes, it’s true.

screenshot_20181114-075514_twitter1They have multiple books written/published based on some of the Hallmark Christmas movies, but in September of this year they released their first original (not based on a movie) book. In fact, since September they have released four new books.

The first was Stacey Donovan’s Sunrise Cabin. The story is set in Colorado during Halloween, however, it being Hallmark, it’s nothing worth scaring yourself over. The main characters, Paige and Dylan, are as cozy as the cabin they’re both hoping to keep. Paige is an amazingly positive character and the story is so well written that you can envision every sentence you read.20181114_0759111

The second book is by Alys Murray titled, The Christmas Company. This story follows Kate and Clark (and I must admit with it being about Christmas, I kept thinking Clark Griswold) in the town of Miller’s Point, Texas. If you are looking for a different story about Christmas then this is the one for you. The story takes place from Christmas Eve-Eve through Christmas morning as Kate tries to convince a very Scrooge’y’ Clark about the importance of the Dickensian Christmas festival.

The best part about these books, and other Hallmark books, is….you can find them at Target and Hallmark stores!!! and of course also online.