5 Minute Fiction

The Crap I Get, Doesn’t Matter

I’m not today’s woman.

I was never yesterday’s woman either.

I’m not popular, nor are the things I do. The ways I think.

The past is the same as the future, only now I’m alright.

Alright with being unpopular.

I embrace it with gratitude.

It’s evident in my words, my home, my love, and my heart.

Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for you. You’re missing out.

Life, better known as blah, blah, blah


Happy: delighted, pleased, glad, contentment, fortune, indicative of pleasure

I’ve been contemplating happiness lately. What is happiness? I have, for most of my life felt happiness belonged in a form fitting box that meant the same for all. I was smart enough to know there were some slight variations, but not experienced enough to know there are endless variations.

Essentially, happiness is individualized to each person. Notice the happy definition above is about a feeling, an emotion and not an object or set “thing.”

In a world so fixated on society’s versions of what happiness is we are overcome with THAT viewpoint over our actual desired happiness. One needs to take a deep look inside them self to find what makes them happy, not what we THINK makes them happy.

What is something that makes you happy that is not what others might find happiness in?