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Magnolia Table Cookbook Modification Venture – cashew cheese alfredo

First, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when seasoning tofu. I think it might be a year long process to figure out. And that is why mine failed for my latest plant based flip on Magnolia Table recipe.

But it looks good, so that’s what matters.

On this lastest recipe swap I made cashew alfredo sauce over whole wheat linguine noodles and breaded tofu.

The alfredo portion was good, but the tofu was two thumbs down. Multiple cashew cheese recipes can be located on the internet. I used one from Bettter Homes and Garden’s latest issue.

Good Eats

Magnolia Table Cookbook Modification Venture – chocolate chip cookies

I love all things Hearth and Hand & Magnolia. Having switched to a mostly planted based lifestyle about 8 months ago I was bummed to hear that Joanna Gaines had a cookbook coming out. After having flipped through it, I figured I could at least make a few recipes for cheat days. Then it dawned on me, why not see if I can modify the recipes to fit a more plant based diet?

Even at 8 months into plant based, I’m still learning and trying new recipes. Yet, there are not a great deal to pick from this far into the game. And let me be honest, some of them don’t even look good.

Alas, I decided that I should post about this grand baking adventure of modifying Magnolia Table’s recipes. I know there will be many fails, but that’s okay. I hope ya’ll enjoy this and future posts as I journey forward.

To start off I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I didn’t modify the butter as I’m still working on learning that aspect with baking. I always use the butter in the picture above. I did swap out the 2 eggs for chia seeds. I have done this swap before in cakes and browines, but never cookies.

While cook time remained the same. I did have to add about 1/4 cup of water to the recipe. They came out very flat and didn’t look anything like the picture from Magnolia Table, but they were super soft and chewy. I thought they tasted great.

Life, better known as blah, blah, blah

Substitution – Take One

In my last post I discussed healthier eating. Well, I took what I said and put it to use. I love my sweets, as I mentioned, but I know what I want to look like in 10…20…30 years. Those images may not match as well as I would like on my current path. Plus it’s good to be healthy! So…I started researching substitutions of the “bad” stuff. Today’s search was: BUTTER

I found a few ideas online, and took a recipe, and twisted and tweaked it a bit switching the butter, sugar, salt for other healthier choices. My first take is: Chocolate Muffins, with no butter and no salt and no sugar.

Chocolate muffin, looks great, but lacking sweetness

While they cooked up nicely and were very moist, they lacked a sweetness.

I will continue to work on Take Two of the Chocolate Muffins.