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Holiday Ads

I received a stack of black Friday and other Christmas ads that clearly needed my opinion.

wpid-20131128_125343.jpgI’m guessing the California candle smells like a beach, but the New York candle…are we talking about downtown city smell or upstate smell?

wpid-20131128_130054.jpgI don’t know any pet that actually keeps these on for more than 0.007 seconds.

wpid-20131128_131631.jpgI just found these owls to be rather unsettling…

wpid-20131128_133421.jpgThese are the only two ads that peaks my interest…should this be of concern? haha

***For those wondering, THE BIRD had a small issue for the recipe I used (cooking temperature) but I resolved it 🙂

20131128_180046And then forgot to take a picture before it was enjoyed.