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How to Properly Watch PARKS AND RECREATION

parkIf you have Netflix or Hulu you can watch the entire series of Parks and Recreation. You can also rent the DVDs.

Here is my tip for how to properly stream this show.

Add PARKS AND RECREATION to your list.

Now using your phone/laptop/computer, look up cliff notes for Season 1 of Parks and Recreation – or read below:

SEASON 1 – There is a pit. There is a couple that lives by the pit. There is still a pit. No one likes the pit. The couple break up. Yep the pit is still there.

Okay, you are all caught up!

Now skip to Season 2 and enjoy.

You’re welcome.

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When Do Writers Read?

I started reading Sycamore Row by John Grisham in March. I’m still only 1/2 way done. (And it’s a good book!). My writer friends are always posting about books they are reading, and I am thinking when do you have time to read?!?

I do make attempts to read but they always go south.

  • If I sit down to read 88% of the time I fall asleep within the first 3 pages, even with the best books.
  • If I am reading my mind wanders to my TO DO LIST.
  • If I am reading I think about each sentence and scene and what I like or don’t like about it as a writer, reading each paragraph until I give up in actually moving to the next page.
  • If I sit down to read I notice my hands and that they
  • A. need new nail polish
  • B. need lotion
  • C. need cuticle care
  • D. notice more freckles which leads to thinking about aging and before I know it I’ve read to 2 pages but didn’t comprehend any of it.

So, when do you find time to read?


Life, better known as blah, blah, blah

Soccer….okay, okay Futbol

I watched soccer, I mean….Futbol for the first time. (The World Cup as been a hot topic this year). I found myself rather intrigued by it all. But I have a few comments.

  • First I’m not trying to figure out the rules. I already know football, baseball and NASCAR rules…I don’t need to figure Futbol out too.
  • The clock counts up…is that so we know how much of life we have wasted watching it?
  • These guys have talent. I struggle to kick a ball standing still, let alone running…with people around.
  • All I kept thinking was they need sunglasses and hats, how can they see with all that bright sun. Then I thought skin cancer. And all that head-butting the ball…concussions.
  • But lastly, what is with the players holding hands to bring random children onto the field?
3 Things I Learned This Week

Things I Learned This Week – Costco Edition

Costco shopping is a team effort.

Only single people go in, don’t grab a cart and leave with only one item.

Your team can consist of your spouse, your partner, your parent, your roommate, or other family.

Going in as “single” only leads to struggles and embarrassment.

You need one team member to hold the cart while the other team member lifts the object into the cart. This keeps the cart from moving as you slide/push items on it, or lift items over the rail.

You need one team member to walk in front of the cart, while the other pushes the cart. This prevents the items from sliding off the bottom of the cart, flipping over and causing the entire parking lot of customers to stare at you as you try and get the fallen objects back onto the cart a second time.

3 Things I Learned This Week, Random Humor

3 Things I Learned This Week

There is a store that I never knew existed. I drove past and was…intrigued by their sign ~ “Hair Salon and Videos”

Sometimes a cat will sneak into your garage, be prepared

I was informed that one needs a wheelchair license to self-propel themselves in their wheelchair. Or at least that was what I was told by a gentleman

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Holiday Ads

I received a stack of black Friday and other Christmas ads that clearly needed my opinion.

wpid-20131128_125343.jpgI’m guessing the California candle smells like a beach, but the New York candle…are we talking about downtown city smell or upstate smell?

wpid-20131128_130054.jpgI don’t know any pet that actually keeps these on for more than 0.007 seconds.

wpid-20131128_131631.jpgI just found these owls to be rather unsettling…

wpid-20131128_133421.jpgThese are the only two ads that peaks my interest…should this be of concern? haha

***For those wondering, THE BIRD had a small issue for the recipe I used (cooking temperature) but I resolved it 🙂

20131128_180046And then forgot to take a picture before it was enjoyed.

Random Humor

Duck Dynasty meets Deadliest Catch

I was skimming through Netflix when I came across a show called Ragin’ Cajuns.

For those of you not versed in Louuuuuzzzeeeanna speak you will have to read the captions under them when available. For Duck Dynasty fans….well you should be able to understand their language and appreciate their fancy dress code.

For Deadliest Catch fans you will find their boat drama to be rather…weak. And hot deck hands are…well…they are not there.

Yet the landscape shots are beautiful!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Click on over to Ragin’ Cajuns.