Appreciation Monday, Memories

Appreciation Monday

Growing up I was crazy about my Lego collection. I played with my Legos and Hot Wheel cars 80% of the time and Barbies 20% of the time. I would build houses or buildings and incorporate my Hot Wheel cars as visitors coming and going non-stop. I had a bin of Legos so heavy that I had to slide it on the carpet in the house to get it from one room to the other. I believe I only had about ten Hot Wheel cars, most were hand me downs as I liked those better. I remember a few I had; a limo, a Jeep, a black Porsche with doors that opened, a white and blue mini van, and a red Lexus. Fancy cars mostly. I loved the Jeep because it had flex on the axles so you could make it lean if you pushed on it around a corner (it was originally black, but once I started watching MacGyver I pained it green). I have no idea why I thought of this now or why I remember the cars, but I had so much fun playing with these, well past the age I probably should have. I know that those kinds of toys don’t stack up to the technology of today that kids attach themselves to right from the womb. But I couldn’t have grown up at a better time. Those toys were the best! And I am appreciative that my childhood involved long days on the floor “Vrrrooommm” ing and building.