3 Things I Learned This Week, The Life of Dogs


Ransom 9 wks 006It has been a while since I have written about dogs. The last post was about losing my girl, Charley, in September 2015. I now have a new puppy, 10 weeks old, a handsome little chocolate English lab.

I like to say that I have a good deal of dog knowledge due to having had a dog aggressive dog (Charley). Sadly, I was never able to correct Charley to be the dog she needed to be, and I realize now that it was my fault, not hers. This is not a negative statement as it might seem, although I believed this until now.

The thing I have discovered, or re-learn, is that not only is every dog different, but it all comes down to family, more specifically me, Mama Dog. I took some time to think about Charley and her behaviors. Even with all the tools I had, I never learned. I also noticed that I was, in just 2 weeks, doing the same thing with the new puppy. When it comes to family, and dogs in that family, everything is about the person/the handler. Essentially, control yourself to control the situation. Seems simple and easy. Nope. The reason, at least for me is to react, to activate myself before and during, due to instinct. Of course, I am not talking about “harming a dog reaction.” I am talking about becoming frustrated, nervous, upset. This energy then feeds to the situation and thus everyone in the family loses control, there is no leader so we all try to be the leader.

This is a long way around saying that the only way to fix the start of puppy “bad” behavior is to look at myself, and my leadership.