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Going into 2018 

Writers have a tough job. Not only do they need to create an original story, but they have to sell it too. If that is your end goal it will most often come with rejections. A lot! 
It’s similar to going to work and being told you suck at your job, but we are going to keep you on, someday you’ll get it right. Talk about walking back to your desk with your head hanging down.

Okay, now you have managed to sell your manuscript. Guess what?! When your book comes out you are judged too. Through sales and reviews. 

Thus, writing takes strength to believe in yourself, and your work. And, for most, it comes with stress and anxiety, even depression at times. But this year I’m making it great, and pushing past that. 

Now, I’m not into making new year’s goals, as I’ve mentioned over the years on my blog. But, I am into pondering. Hmm, maybe I should write a book about pondering. I’m rather an expert at this point. I look at 2017 and take what I didn’t handle well and focus on how I can lessen or all together prevent those choices. This includes my writing.

I hope, whether you have goals or pondering”s” that you make the best out of each day, week, and month. That you make yourself happy, and thus others around you will be happy too.