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Last Minute Turkey Recipe 


Okay, so if you are looking for an easy last minute turkey recipe, it’s here.

Any pound turkey works, I use one that has been chopped down to about 5 pounds, but have done this recipe on a full 10 pound plus one.

(About 6 years ago I made my first ever turkey, and by luck it was pretty darn good. I had no idea what I was doing that first year, but I improved on it to create the recipe I use now.)

Take your turkey and a pot or whichever you like to brine your turkey in. Then like you would butter, rub your turkey with bacon grease. Rub it well, then shove a little bit inside the bird. Let it sit overnight (Wednesday).

Thursday, take your turkey and stuff it with cut lemon wedges, salt, pepper, and an whole thing of garlic (peeled and ends cut off).

Cook as normal. Make sure you add foil to cover the bird, with the bacon grease it can brown quick. I usually remove the foil about thirty to fourty minutes before the turkey is done.

Enjoy! (yep it’s that easy)


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Thanksgiving Week Wishes

Foliage 2013 - Cactus Park 053It does not matter the amount, it only matters the flavor.

It does not matter the traditions, it only matters the love.

It does not matter the distance, it only matters the company.

It does not matter the trouble, it only matters the thought.

Wishing y’all a wonderful Thanksgiving week, and Thanksgiving.


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This year will be my very first attempt at cooking THE BIRD. I have made the traditional side dishes for many years, but never THE BIRD. And because I am 110% against shopping of any kind on Thanksgiving (gas stations, grocery stores, malls, etc) I have three options.

1. Double, triple check to make sure I have everything before midnight Wednesday.

2. Simply…don’t mess up THE BIRD!

3. Have back-up dinner just in case. (boxed Mac & Cheese)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers 🙂

Life, better known as blah, blah, blah, Random Humor


Most people I know become incredibly frustrated when Thanksgiving rolls around, due to all the family hoopla. My ears fill with the racket of others yammering about in-laws or their own family members. And yet, with stomachs full to the brink, everyone, drugged up on tryptophan…makes the same statement of “let’s do this again next year.”

So what part of Thanksgiving are we actually “giving?”

  • GIVING: Into crazy family hoopla, continuously every after year.
  • GIVING: Into over-eating, feeling like large beached whales, then spending the next three days eating different variations of leftovers that we over-ate in the first place.
  • GIVING: Into the crazy black Friday, head out at eight pm when it’s still Thursday, waiting in line, get pushed, and shoved to reach the few items at just one store (not to mention the other stores one has to go to next).
  • GIVING: Thanks to the fact that Thanksgiving is only once a year.

So to you and yours…Happy Thanksgiving??????