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Magnolia Journal Vegan Modification – Banana + Chocolate

Since I tried the other two breads in the Magnolia Journal, I had to attempt to vegan modify the third one, Banana + Chocolate (Spring issue, 2019). While I loved the first two, this one tasted good, but not my favorite over the others (although my boyfriend gobbled it up like it was the best thing ever). I’m not a big banana fan, so that might be why.

For this one I swapped out the eggs with soaked chia seeds. And I nixed the butter all together which I think made an already dense bread extra heavy. If I make this again I’ll add more pecans!!

Good Eats

Magnolia Journal – Blueberry + Lemon – Vegan Modification

20190306_195402I loved my last vegan modification from the Magnolia Journal (spring issue, 2019) of Cinnamon + Nut bread. So, I decided to try out the second bread recipe on the same page. For this recipe I switched out the eggs, milk, and butter.

Eggs were swapped for chia seeds.

Milk was swapped for soy milk – same ratio.

Butter was swapped out for olive oil – same ratio.

I loved this bread slightly more than the Cinnamon + Nut, simply because I enjoyed the fresh blueberries in it. I did add about 1/4 a cup more blueberries than the recipe called for. The bread disappeared much quicker as well!!!