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Selling Your House is Like Submitting Your Manuscript

Have you been through the process of selling a house before? Have you realized how similar it is to having your story on submission?

Let me explain.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

You decide you want to sell your home. Just as when you decide to submit your story. You do a little research, see what’s out there, what is selling, and then you take the leap.

You prefect your home/You perfect your story.

You’ve put your house up for sale/You’ve submitted.

Then you wait….and wait….

You check Zillow and Zip Reality, has anyone looked at the listing?/You check Query Tracker and writer forums for response times.

You wait and wait…

Oh, someone is coming to view your house!/Oh, you received a reply that your manuscript was received.

You wait and wait some more…

People have seen your house/People have read your story….

ballpoint pen classic coffee composition


Ohhhh, look someone is making an offer, but first they need to have the house inspected/Ohhh, look someone requested a full!!

The inspector shows up/You submit the full manuscript.

You wait….and wait…AND WAIT….will they like it? What’s wrong with it? What do you need to fix? Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s yours. Will they accept it with some repairs? Maybe you shouldn’t have went with that bold blue/Maybe you shouldn’t have let your main character do that one thing he did.

A lot has caused you stress during this process, so make sure you don’t take the first offer without doing your research. Either way, at some point your house/your story will sell.

person giving keys on man

Happy submitting!!!





Spotlight on Writing

National Author’s Day

Hello November 1st. It’s a great day because today is National Author’s Day.

If you are a writer/author I hope you are enjoying your day and filling it with all things writerly.

If you are a reader, I hope you are supporting your favorite authors and also finding new favorite authors.

If you are an aspiring writer, make today your first step. Write something, research something, or submit something.

Wishing all the writers and readers the very best today.

Spotlight on Writing

Why Some Rejections Do More Harm Than Good

You know what I’m talking about, right?

If you have ever hit send on a query and nearly danced in your chair, you know.

You swear you found the perfect agent, editor, or publisher. You studied up, you social media stalked, you perfected the query with sprinkles of personalization. That moment you hit send you actually smiled instead of cringed with worry and doubt.

This submission…THE PERFECT MATCH!


Dear Author……thanks, but no thanks.

How could this happen? This must be a mistake! Every positive thought you had about your writing and understanding how to query is now a sandbox of self-doubt. Why do I even bother writing you holler?!

This thought process ultimately sinks not only your self esteem, but your writing. You might take time off. Maybe delete all your stories or vow to be a reader and never a writer again.

Then, for most, we climb out of the sandbox, brush our pants off and return to writing and submitting. Only this time we remind ourselves that we can’t get hopeful about submitting. We can’t think we found a great match to query. So we don’t put our full hundred and ten percent into our submissions.

I’m here to tell you, stop. You must put just as much love and effort into each submission. Regardless of the outcome, if you don’t you will miss an opportunity. The opportunity to know that you did your best whether it is a yes or a no. Each manuscript is, often, a one shot deal. Don’t allow the ones before to prevent you from a yes now.

Spotlight on Writing

The Upcoming of SEND

Image result for send buttonI have mentioned in a few prior post that my latest middle grade WIP has been an amazing story of beauty to write. It has been, mostly, my only focus this summer. It’s been in the 90’s here in Phoenix as we are mid-way through October, so I am saying it’s still summer (I MISS THE 4 SEASONS!!!!!) I’ve been blessed to have my manuscript reviewed and edited by My Rock (we will go with that name because it’s true for many reasons beyond this manuscript, and no it’s not The Rock). It’s hard to catch every little mistake when you wrote the story and have been staring at it day after day.

I have never had this much fun writing a story! I even created a Pinterest board for the manuscript. You can view it here.

Now I know the manuscript is not perfect, but it is pretty darn close. My nerves are growing as I near hitting the SEND button to get it off to my agent. Will she like it? Will she want me to make changes? Will she submit it to publishers? Will publishers like it?

I’m nervous as can be!!!!

What will I do once I hit SEND? (besides stalk my email and phone). I have another manuscript that needs my attention, which was shoved to the back burner as soon as my WIP popped in my head.

But for one minute in-between SEND and the next WIP, I will take a deep breath, find my center, and cross my fingers!!!!!!


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Seeing Differently

20160I’m working on the final edits for my middle grade novel, and diving into two prior picture books that I have set aside for about four months. Upon my return to their story I have edited, and tried something new. I made a small 32 page book and took EACH sentence and cut it out and taped it together in the book. In doing so I realized several sentences didn’t belong where I had originally placed them.

As you can see, not fancy at all, just a sample to get you thinking about how well it will fit in book format, how it flows, and how illustrations can be placed.

Happy writing 🙂

Spotlight on Writing

Facts About the Writer in Me

  1. I read the author bio on the jacket flap at least 3 times in the course of the book. (Before I buy it, mid-way through, and once I finish).
  2. I watch movies and think about how it would have played out as words on a page.
  3. New story ideas come to me when I’m writing a current story, thus throwing my current story off track.
  4. I critique other author’s head-shots/profile pictures. (That one is uber cool/that one looks horrible).
  5. I’ll go weeks without checking Amazon stats, then suddenly start checking every hour.
  6. I ponder which celebrities actually wrote their books and who had ghost writers, then get upset that celebrities get book deals like it’s a Wendy’s drive-thru, yet I love to read their books more than most other books…then I feel guilty about this.
  7. I lose hope in my writing and gain hope like a game of Chutes and Ladders.
  8. Either I accidentally starve myself or I accidentally over-eat when I write.
  9. I’m severely jealous of those who get to write full-time, then wonder about their possible lack of health insurance.
  10. I dream of my stories as movies or TV, then remember when I tried screenplay writing for a year, and it was horribly terribly awful.