Virtual Writing Staycation

Hello! Here is the schedule for the first ever #VWritingSC via Twitter. While writing retreats are fun, they can be expensive, therefore instead of missing out I’m creating the cheapest writing retreat/Staycation ever, so everyone can partake.

I’m providing this so that you can start planning what things you might need (snacks, babysitter, meals, books, movies). I hope this event helps you write, craft, and relax. Make sure to use the hashtag #VWritingSC so we can follow along! I plan to do this twice a year, the next event is planned for October 2018!

May 12th (PST)

WELCOME!! 9:00am – post a picture of your beverage, writing spot, and/or what you are working on during this staycation as we kick off our writing event.

STRETCH BREAK 11:00am – 11:15am – allow your character to write a short poem, any format (even if your MC is a baby) what poem would they write?

CHECK IN W/DRINK 1:00pm – how you have done so far – word count, pages edited, new ideas, etc? What are you enjoying as a beverage? Share with us!

TREAT YO SELF 3:00pm – 4:00pm – how would your main character treat themselves? Take a nap, read a book, bubble bath, garden, have a cupcake? Treat yourself away!!

DINNER AND A MOVIE 6:00pm – what would your character have for dinner? Order in? Home cooked meal? Snacks only? And what movie would they watch? Now, go ahead and make it happen!!

SKETCH IT – 9:00pm – 9:30pm – time to work on some artwork. Sketch your main character’s favorite spot. You can go all out with colors or simply grab a scrap of paper and a pen.

May 13th (PST)

BREAKFAST 7:00am – what would your character have for breakfast? Make it or go grab it.

READING HOUR 10:00am – 11:00am – what type of book would your character read? Go ahead and read away.

TIME IS UP 1:00pm – staycation is over – share your results – and thanks for joining!!!